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Seeking out like-minded organizations and individuals to further our common cause is the most dynamic and potentially powerful of our mission statements.  Most support organizations such as Patriots and Heroes Outdoors are regional.  Out of necessity, the outdoor activities they offer have the same regional focus.

Patriots and Heroes Outdoors is establishing an informal network within which similar support groups can share opportunities and, when it is feasible, to offer each group’s activities and support to service families across the country.  By working together, our network can expand the variety and improve the quality of support offered to wounded warrior transition battalions and military care facilities throughout the United States.

As the network grows and matures, we will use this structure to incorporate support elements beyond outdoor activities.  Educational support, locating counseling services, and other such personal needs will be part of the network.

Member Organizations

If your organization would like to consider joining our network, please go to the Contact page and select the "Joining" option.

Healing comes in many forms

Old vets and new find a bond of battle
that transcends generations

Tradition and honor are
not lost on the young

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